Tilt up concrete wall panels provide one of the most efficient uses of materials available to the construction industry, resulting in lower costs and faster schedules.  Tilt up panels allow both the foundation and the roof support structure of a building to be minimized while at the same time providing increased strength to the overall building structure.


Concrete Block Structure provides the ultimate in flexibility for the walls of a building.  No building is too large or too small for CBS construction and no site is too tight.  Concrete block structure can accommodate every type of roof support structure and architectural feature such as raised stucco bands, reveals, and formed foam structures.


In addition to our experience with conventional materials such as concrete, masonry and structural steel, Clark Construction Service, Inc. has emerged as the region’s leading provider of pre-engineered metal buildings.  Often employed in conjunction with Clark’s deign-build expertise, this innovative system provides an attractive and cost effective alternative to ordinary construction.  In addition to economy, pre-engineered building systems offer a number of key advantages:

  • A 20-25 percent saving in construction time means earlier occupancy of the building, and minimal interruptions when adding or expanding.
  • Controlled factory fabrication insures consistent quality and efficient construction with minimal on-site waste.
  • Clear span widths of over 150 feet provide maximum uninterrupted interior space.
  • Low-maintenance materials and cost-efficient design provide long-term durability, minimal expenditures for upkeep and affordable initial investment.
  • Superior weather protection, with an available 20-year weather-tight roof warranty, ensures maximum safety and long-term satisfaction.
  • Pre-engineered building systems can be designed to accommodate future expansions with no waste of original materials and at a substantial cost savings.
  • A wide range of complimentary building materials can be blended for maximum aesthetic appeal.

“We recognize that by meeting your design and construction needs, we not only bolster your success, but we ensure the continued success of CLARK CONSTRUCTION SERVICE, INC.”